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US company headquarters offices Murad
Release time: 2016-06-15
      Well-known skin care company Murad, assisted by Shubin + Donaldson Architects team in El Segundo, California, to create a new headquarters office. This area of 41,500 square feet of office space, is a cellular-based design concept, there is the central meeting area and aromatherapy area, surrounded by an aisle and a variety of fitness equipment, equipment area is also to meet both chat function. Meanwhile, the designers also take into account the company's employees need to enjoy this healthy lifestyle, so specially set up local care, internal nursed back to health. And daily emotional care area.

      The full range of health care brand concept, can also be reflected from the interior decoration elements of those key parts of it, you see those custom tile, laser-cut screen, as well as the distinctive design of the ceiling. At the same time, Murad also advocating maximize the protection of the environment, the new office decoration, with a lot of FSC certified plywood, as well as those that do not contain any volatile organic compounds recyclable metal.



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