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Singapore Stock Exchange
Release time: 2016-06-15

      Singapore architectural firm SCA Design, 2014 this summer to build a new Singapore Stock Exchange. The project is located in Shenton Singapore No. 2 will be building. Designer said: "We are focused on creating two work areas: customer solicitation District Exchange Center, and attention staff development and team-building outlook compartment mainly bright glass wall separates the meeting room, room publicity work. area, training area, and a control area and the trading floor. "

      They also commented: "Singapore stock exchange transactions also provide customers with the space, financial bookstore and a seating area and a multi-purpose room, both can be used as office and a lounge and dining area in the design of these places. First to take into account the function of leisure, people can hold informal talks here, or general assembly. each layer of the entrance hall are of different colors, to convey to the people with electronic maps and other similar something intangibles on "hello" virtual greetings.



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